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Rebel Highlight: Innovative App Developer Roza Ferdowsmakan

I recently had the great pleasure of interviewing Roza Ferdowsmakan. This incredible woman is a tech attorney and app developer; she is creating an innovative app to connect foodies, chefs, and farms that will empower the local community. The app will grant the ability for users to have an authentic and adventurous experience with their food.


Roza is originally from Iran. She came to the U.S. with her family and spent her early years living in Utah. There she experienced her first job while working in her uncle’s farm. Little did she know, working on this farm would plant a seed that would sprout a life long appreciation of food and its connection to the community.

At age 13, Roza began working on the farm independently while her uncle was away; she managed the exotic plants in the greenhouse, assisted customers, and operated the register. Roza’s uncle taught her about the biology of the plants with his knowledge in horticulture and botany.


Working on her uncle’s farm helped her to grow a relationship with her food in a way she had never experienced before. One night, Roza was invited to her mother’s university professor’s home for a hearty home-cooked meal. The professor’s wife made dishes for everyone. His wife placed a quiche on the table and invited Roza to experience tasting the food. She explained to her that the quiche was not simply meant to be eaten, but to be experienced. Roza was told to block out all of her other senses and any activity that would distract from being in the moment with her food.

While learning and attempting this new method of consuming food, she began to have a heightened sensory experience. From this moment she learned the value of the smell, texture, and taste of her food...all while taking just one bite. After that night, she began trying new things and learned to seek a holistic experience within her life, and with food especially. This deeply treasured experience sparked her to become a foodie and inspired the app bites!


What is the bites. app? bites. is a marketplace mobile app for foodies, local chefs, and local farms. Foodies can download the app and search for chefs and dates available for a dinner event for themselves or a group. Local professional chefs, culinary students, and personal cooks will be able to create a profile for themselves to be hired for events. Foodies can rate, review, and connect with local chefs and farmers to nourish themselves with quality local foods.

This app will be a significant win for the sustainability of our local communities. The efforts of this app seeks to reduce the carbon footprint by bridging the community to local options for food and decreasing the interest and need for shopping at large, corporate grocery stores. The app will grant the ability for users to have an authentic and adventurous experience with food, just as she had with her professor the night her foodie interest was born. bites. is more than an app; it’s a statement for conscious, intentional living.


Roza’s excellence continues on beyond her app development. She is also creating a MeetUp group called Grassroots that will build an even greater community of foodies, local farmers, and anyone interested in supporting sustainability efforts. Furthermore, she will be co-organizing the TEDx Phoenix community and filming a documentary on sustainability.

The magnitude of Roza’s impact is sure to be quite meaningful for the economic, social, and environmental well being of communities. Be sure to experience your next food adventure with bites.

By Tyandrah Ashley

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